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We love Dr. Larson! Patients comment on how thorough and kind he is. OD4Hire is easy to work with and accommodating by giving us that extra doctor cov...
- Leah, O.D. Duluth, MN
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Hire our OD Today:

Please complete the OD4HIRE_Account_AGREEMENT-2021_.pdf (download PDF)and return it to us as soon as possible to ensure you receive the OD coverage you need. 

Call or text Kea at 612-720-6792.

Book as far in advance as possible to ensure we can reserve coverage for you--our calendar fills in quickly.  We are also flexible and can offer coverage on short notice for unexpected coverage needs, schedule permitting. Please contact us to Book OD4Hire now.

OD4Hire Rates and Policies:

Performance of regular and comprehensive eye exams by a licensed optometrist:

  • $99/ hour WEEKDAYS / WEEKENDS 
  • $110/ hour HOLIDAY WEEKENDS (including Fri + Mon of a holiday weekend)
  • $120/ hour for Emergency coverage and/or clients who book less than 1 day per month
  • $110/ hour on days when there is a CE, MOA, AOA meeting
  • $115/ hour when coverage is requested but our OD's would be in OT
  • $110/ hour when an OD4Hire doctor works longer than the scheduled hours (minimum 15 min) or a 30 min break (shifts longer than 5 hrs) has not been scheduled.
  • For accounts that are 55+miles from the scheduled OD's home, $0.58/mile will be charged each way.


  • 7 hour minimum per day per assignment on Mon-Sat / 5 hour minimum Sundays

Cancellation Policy:

  • Within 48 hours - no refund

Additional Policies/Notes:

  • Malpractice insured
  • Gas / Lodging required for assignments outside the 50 mile radius from downtown Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Payment is required at the time of reservation to confirm all bookings - Paypal, cash or checks accepted. Payments will not be processed until 3 days before the date of assignment.


Payment by PayPal Option

Great vision 4 Optometric Services!

OD4Hire is a locally owned start-up company (founded in 2012) based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our specialty is offering temporary OD coverage to Optometry and Ophthalmology practices in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout Minnesota. We can offer coverage for Optometrists, made necessary due to unexpected illness, maternity/paternity leave, vacation, jury duty, family emergencies, etc. Assignments can be as short as a half day to as long as a few months.

We recognize the need that Optometrists and their businesses, have to be able to cover their schedule for planned or unexpected absences. Our service can save you hassle whether you are under contract to cover your absence, or to prevent lost profit from cancelling exams. Our goal is to keep your office running smoothly while you are away, and to give your patients a great experience that will make them want to come back, just as you would.

We currently are hiring two full time Optometrists, and we have several part-time optometrists working with OD4Hire. We are always searching for more part-time ODs, who would like to register with our service to have assignments offered, that may be accepted or declined, for part-time fill in work. We ensure that all of the doctors with OD4Hire will be held to the same level of professionalism and care for your practice.